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Bank Identification Number Checking Made Easy


Bin checker is an online tool where you can enter your 16 digit credit card numbers to get the nature of the card, the issuer of the card and further details. These days almost all the banks provide you with fancy credit cards for travel, shopping, car loans etc., they issue it for free initially and you don’t realize the risk involved with it. There are many people whose cards are stolen and made duplicates; their savings are lost within minutes. To earn that money, you must work the whole year.

The advancement of technology has spoiled the minds of shoppers.  You have a credit card and you don’t know how to use it. Investors and economic geeks advise not to use more than one credit card at a time. Keeping your card safe is your high priority and it’s better for your financial future. One, who wants financial freedom, uses the card with no prior knowledge and ends up in trouble.

Keep changing your transaction password and always make a transaction using OTP through your mobile phone. It is tough initially to keep things in one place, but if you follow the routine of safety measures then it’s easy. Never shop using your card at illegal places, many people buy drugs or liquor at the local stores and pay them using credit cards while poses a high security risk. Never lend your cards to your friends because they may not use it under control. It’s risky to swipe your credits at local store for goods, use cash when necessary. Almost all merchants do have POS devices with them linked through GPRS or 3G mobile connection, but the risks are higher. Keep separate cards and never buy more than one credit card. If you have more money, invest in business or lands to be safer. It depends on whom you transact your money and identify the right person who wants your goods. Its a good idea to check a card with bincheck to avoid any problems.

Swapping of cards is possible in ATM also; there were several incidents at the ATM where people got cheated easily. Check your cards and make a note of your investments, check every month where you kept your money. Check using BIN Checker if you got doubts of your card, 16 digit numbers on the card tells you the origin and other details that you want. Make it habit to check and never fear to lose money. As warren buffet says, invest your money in good ideas and spend the rest.

Never buy too many credit cards which you can’t afford. Because managing them is too much time and you have to run to the banks every time. Have one credit card and one debit card if necessary, if you need money ask your friends and repay them. When you have everything to pay on cards, keep some money with you as cash in hand. It’s not old fashioned to keep money in wallets after all as lot of people these days think that way.

Email Marketing Tips


To any internet marketer, email marketing is an essential tool in gaining immediate cash, if utilized in the right way.  Here are successful emails marketing tips to help you.

  1. Be brief in your email

Apart from ensuring your emails are brief, the flow of the email must get the attention of the receiver, to make him/her read the entire email. For valid conversions, your emails should be interesting and brief. Avoid repetitive words.

  1. Realistic emails

You should be realistic by discussing problems you have ever encountered, how you overcame the problems, and how the product you are promoting helped you in solving the problems.

  1. Avoid promoting things always

Rather than promoting affiliate links in your emails always, try and send things that add value to your receiver, without necessary requiring them to buy anything. In short, you should try and ensure your subscribers do not get tired with your marketing links.

  1. Adopt an interval of sending emails

Your frequency of sending emails is a determinant of your success in email marketing. You should not take too long to an extent people forgets about you. On the other hand, your marketing niche should determine if you should send emails daily or after the duration. For example, for stock marketing tips, you can send daily, as opposed to promoting electronics.

In conclusion, you should use your email marketing tool in the right way, to promote your business and get more subscribers.

What Does SMTP Server Mean?


SMTP is an abbreviation for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is the process of exchanging and delivering emails through IPs. The sending and delivery of emails undergo a process that is quite similar or even the same with the process of sending mails through the traditional post office. In the traditional mail process, the envelop you send is handled by an organized system and passes through a number of steps before it is delivered to the recipient. But unlike the traditional mail process, the role of the postman in the email process is played by a computer running SMTP. Once you send out your email to a friend, the email you send out is picked up and moved to this server which will send the emails to the receiver. In other words, the email process involves a conversation between two SMPT servers, namely, the outgoing SMTP and the recipient’s incoming server. There are special websites like spammer where you can know more about it. Below is the process of email delivery via SMTP.


1. The process starts when you use your email address to send out an email with your webmail or mail client to another email address. Your mail client or webmail is known as the acronym for message user agent. The email is delivered to a SMTP server of your client through port 25. Once you create your email address, your client is given a server which plays the role of a Message Transfer Agent abbreviated as MTA. Your clients engage the server in a brief conversation where all the data concerning the transmission of the message (sender, recipient, domains and others) are checked by the server. Bear in mind that SMTP language defines only the transmission of the message. It does not handle the content of the message.

2. The email is immediately delivered to the recipient’s account if the domain where he or she has his or her account is connected directly to the server. However, in situations where it is not connected to the server, the message will be relayed (the technical words for sending out of the email) by the SMTP to another incoming server closer to the recipient which will receive and store the email.

3. In case the server of the recipient is busy or down, the message will be dropped to a backup server by the SMTP. In situation where none of the servers is available or where both servers are busy, the email will be put in queue and the delivery will be periodically retried. If delivery is not successful after some periods of retrial, the email will be relayed back to the sender as failed delivery.

The final stage of email delivery via SMTP is handled by POP if there are no issues. POP is another protocol that collects emails from the receiving server and delivers it into the inbox of the recipient.

Note that the SMTP servers that are utilized when you email another person is shared among users and they do not use dedicated IPs. The implication of this is it is possible for one to end up making use of the IP utilized by a spammer. If this occurs, the correct delivery of your email could be affected by this.